No popup message saying: Lighting Needs to be rebuilt


My trouble is that when I place an object into the Environment I’m working on, it doesn’t display at the top left of my screen LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILT (X Unbuilt Objects). I have even mess with the sky light to try to get it to display that message and it still doesn’t give me that message. The very odd thing is that I have these cheap looking shadows like if I’m using a moveable skylight when I’m actually using a Stationary Skylight. When I try to build the lighting it gets stuck at 0% and never gets any higher. I have let it sit for over an hour and it’s still at 0%.
My level just started doing this.

Any ideas on what maybe causing this?


Some things to try:

  1. Does it reproduces in a clean basic level in the same project?
  2. If yes, does it reproduces in completely new project?
  3. Try to build with different quality settings
  4. Check the log

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If problem persist, you may need to reinstall engine.

Hey Thanks for the assistance! I found out what was wrong.

  1. I accidentally disabled the Show Stats.

  2. My landscape resolution was set to 34 which is a pretty large number when the default is 1.

Thank you for your help though! :slight_smile:

One thing that I think would be an incredible feature to Unreal Engine is, the ability to view the stats on your lighting build. So that it will inform you and say theses props took x amount of time to build. This Movable Light actor took x amount of time to build. This landscape took x amount of time to build. And the list updates live with swarm agent.
Also the list is filter-ed to the longest time at the top and the shortest objects at the bottom. Because lets say I had my landscape at 32 Resolution and I forgot that I set that. 2 weeks from now I open up my project to build the lighting, there would be no way I could discover that’s the problem to my long Lighting builds. Maybe this feature is out there I have just not have herd of it.

Anyways I was just throwing that idea out there!
Thanks again!

Glad It works now. Didn’t know Show Stats can affect the light needs to be rebuilt message. Learning something everyday :slight_smile:

its a bit late but i also found in my scenes that with static mesh regardless of light i get this Lighting Needs to be rebuilt meseage. whereas with static lighting and no static mesh there is no Lighting Needs to be rebuilt