No Path Tracing on Unreal Engine 5 for me

I’m starting to learn unreal engine and i’m having a problem, i tested unreal 4.27.2 with path tracing and worked fine, but with unreal engine 5 i cannot use path tracing, i’ve changed every setting needed to use path tracing but the button to shwitch to path tracing is not there. I don’t konw what else can i do, i don’t konw if they change something that disable path tracing for my GPU (GTX 1070), or if it’s a bug or if i’m doing something wrong. If someone can point me to the righ direction i would appreciate.

(Sorry for any english mistake, english is not my main language.)

Definitely verify settings are correct. Some are listed below.

Also refer to the Official Path Tracing Documentation.

Thanks for the help, these options are already enabled but still no path tracing.

Unfortunately since the Preview version of UE5, Epic has disabled emulated raytracing console variable which allowed Pascal GPUs to use hardware ray tracing. Fortunately, there is a way to work around this, you have to recompile the engine from source with a slight change to one of its files, the steps are described in this thread reply: Cant enable raytracing in ue5 (gtx 1060) - #24 by Julian_Stys

Hey there, I see no one really answered your question. Someone did pop a link to a previous post below your comment but I too have the same issue, does anyone have an answer to this? Just like yourself everything is switched on for me but alas, under Lit mode there is no Path Tracer :cry: Oh I am using 2080 GFX so should work.

Edit: I can confirm it is working for me in UE5.0.3 but for 5.1.0, it’s definitely not there.


Happening to me too, but noticed this only happens to old projects, when i open fresh news and enable ray tracing it shows up there…

Update : Forgot to change the RHI to DX12 is working now. Something fishy if doesnt work for others then…