No owning connection for actor! (Dedicated server)

I’m getting that fated error.

LogNet: Warning: UNetDriver::ProcessRemoteFunction: No owning connection for actor MyFPSChar1_C_1. Function RecoilCooldown will not be processed.

A few facts:
-This error occurs on every subsequent actor that logs into a dedicated server AFTER the 1st actor (so the 1st person into the server never gets this error)

-I’m spawning these actors from the game mode, assigning their owner and possessing them using the player controller output from “Event Handle Starting New Player” (pics below)

-When you print the player controller of an actor, they all show up as TDM_PlayerController on the client AND server (I feel like it should be TDM_PlayerController1, 2, 3, no?).

At the very least if my problem is too specific to help, I would just like to know the traditional and proper way of spawning an actor on a dedicated and assigning solid ownership so I can call server functions on said actor.

I’m in dire straits with this one. I’ve posted this question 5 different ways in Unreal Slackers with nothing close to a solution. Even the beginnings of some input would be appreciated. Thanks.

I might have found atleast a temporary fix. HasAuthority() for the c++ functions. And HasNetOwner check before blueprint Server Events that are throwing no owning connection. But any additional input is still more than welcome.