No Overlapping Lights/No Shadows set to on but still get warning. + bonus baking question

Hi - I have a BP containing 12 x componant boxes, each with a moveable spotlight componants inside. All lights have ‘cast shadows’ turned off and their attenuation settings so there is plenty of space between them and no overlapping.

However, as soon as I turn any one of the spotlights on I get the warning ‘Too many overlapping, shadowed moveable lights, shadow casting disabled’ Which does not go away even if i turn the light off again. Any ideas why this may be happening?

And an additional question - Is there a way to force stationary lights to not have any affect on the lighting build without setting them to moveable? I have a part of my level that I want to keep dark but have pulsating lights in there so they need to be stationary - whenever I do the lighting build with these stationary lights seem to blast the light build with their influence, way brighter than the lights are in the editor viewport.


Spotlight BP images below

Set their indirect lighting intensity to 0

Thanks but I already tried this and have just now been through every light in every Blueprint with a warning and double checked again - all are unticked for ‘cast shadows’ and Indirect Lighting Intensity set to 0 - I still get all the warnings.

I can only assume this may be a bug - would love to know a workaround or a way of supressing the red on-screen warnings as they take up a big chunk of editor screen space.

You asked how you could make a stationary light not affect light bakes. That’s how. Stationary lights have the same shadowing limitations as moveable lights so I am not surprised that it didn’t get rid of the warnings.

Frankly it seems like a bug, but I cannot reproduce this on 4.25.1 which makes me think maybe your problem lies elsewhere. I put 15x moveable spotlights overlapping eachother in a blueprint actor, then I ran a slow loop that turns them on one by one. Works as expected, no warnings or errors.

fullsize link:…2&d=1594084821

Here’s a screenshot of all 15 of them with overlapping attentuation:

@Arkiras Apologies, For some reason I thought you were answering my other question, had some late night (early morning) madness there. Yes I think it must be a bug and it is annoying the ■■■■ out of me. Outside of deleting all my BPs and starting again which is a ton of work I don’t know what to do. The warning is not a problem as I have shadows turned off anyway, I can live with that. It is just the fact it fills my editor screen with red text. This is in 4.25 also. Thanks for the reply - the light bakes answer was just what I needed.

Solved - Just in case anyone else gets this same problem. I had to delete all the lights out of my parent Blueprint. Compile the BP. Close the Editor, reload the game and recreate/reconnect all the lights as fresh new versions so they all updated in the Child blueprints. If I left even one of the original problem lights in the blueprint while replacing/restarting I still got the error across all Child BP’s. Painful, but the only way I could find to fix it. There seems to be a bit of a bug there.

Is it for mobile or not? There’s a limit to overlapping local lights for mobile. It can be changed by console or in Project Settings > Rendering. I was thinking it was a bug concerning that.

Sometimes, the editor retains data pieces / registry entries and it affects things until starting over in a new project or some other way.