No option to add actor foliage to the foliage tool after world partition conversion

More Ue5 project conversion nightmares.

I am unable now to add actor foliage to my foliage tool on the level that I converted from Ue4. My level is a forest with lots of trees that are actor BPs placed in the world as actor foliage types, and on begin play all the actors are replaced with foliage instances. They all survived the conversion successfully but when I open the foliage tool to add/remove trees to the level I now notice that my foliage tool doesn’t detect my actor foliage types. The actor foliage types have been removed from the tool itself and when I click the (+ foliage) button I can only find static mesh foliage types. It works as per normal and expected on my non-partitioned test map but for some reason on my main map my foliage tool doesn’t even recognize that I have actor foliage types in my contents. The only thing I can think of that’s different between the two levels is that one is set to world partition and the other not. That or a bug has occurred during map conversion.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I’ve been battling for weeks with strange little things like this and just want to get back to working on the game.


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Turns out it is a known bug (UE-149477) and won’t be fixed until Ue5.2