No one try to reproduce Boneworks physics player ??

I’m surprise to don’t see someone try to reproduce the physical player of Boneworks … Why ? I’m working on it. I searching advice …

Mordentral is all over this with his latest proposed additions to the VR Expansion plugin (Free!)

Vid here:-

We are developing a game call - Into the Darkness - and yes, but only the hand got physic, not all the body.

Thanks for your reply guys. Very nice Work @HienNguyen27 ! I did a full body physics, but I can’t carry myself, and I don’t understand why :confused: I’m very surprise to don’t see anybody work on it. Everybody work on Unity …

@IslandPlaya I work with it, but i don’t think it’s a good start for this kind of project :confused:

We made a VR game that player can use 2 swords, and we are forced to ignore collisions in battles.
Because when player use swords at high speed, sometimes swords are stuck together due to collision.
That’s why we thought the physical body might be interesting, but it would be uncomfortable for the player.
I also used to play Bonework. And I feel very uncomfortable when using weapons that are rifles.
It is often stuck because of the physical body’s obstruction. So we decided not to use the physical body in the game, but instead, we used the character class along with capsule collision. Even if the hands have physic, we sometimes have to turn it off because it is uncomfortable for the experience. Maybe in the future if we need full physic body, we will update it, but for now, it’s really not necessary.

@HienNguyen27 Ok, and you have no problem with your capsule component and physical object ? I don’t love the Character Component because of its physics …

You can disable physic interaction of char movement if you dont like it. I love it so much! It had built in movement system like walk, crouch, fly, swim with interesting variables that we can modify to make it work the way we want!

I just saw your latest videos. Impressive. Did you keep the character movement component or did you switch to a locosphere? @HienNguyen27

Thanks! I have to make another physic movement component. And i could not use character class either. In the end, i have to build an entire character class from the ground up.