No more Tesselation/Displacement.. and now?

Hi there…

I managed to install UE5 during the last Days and the first Thing I realized was, that my stylized Materials are Not Tesselated and Displaced anymore… Found out quickly, that this Features are Deprecated and not Part of UE5.
Bad… but I think epic has a Plan here (hope so…).

Now… HeightField Meshes are Landscape Features, and Nanite allows to get more Polygons to Objects…
But, for Animated, stylized Chars, Props, Foliage, Weapons… etc… Or Materials with Translucency or Masks… How to get the (or an equal) Tesselation Effect with Displacement for such Actors?

Currently, I think… The way to go is:
Model everything (in my Case) in C4D, and bake Tesselation and Displacement directly to the Model, before importing it to UE5… Or… use Medium / zBrush… etc to sculpt things and directly import the obj…
In my opinion, both are a worse workflow… Going Ways over 3rd Party Tools, to get an equal effect to Models, as with Tess+Displ.

Any advices, how to do such things more efficient with the new Systems?

Maybe you can find some answers in this thread;

Tesselation needs to come back, desperately - Unreal Engine 5 Early Access / Feedback for Unreal Engine 5 Early Access - Unreal Engine Forums

In the early access of ue5 it is 't supported. If you need it I suppose you have to wait for the next releases.

You can simply only stick with UE4 and convert it later on to UE5. Perhaps it also could help to deactivate Nanite in UE5 but I’m not sure. As far as I know Nanite is simply the module which stops tesselation from working.

Don’t get me wrong…
I’m not into wishing Tess+Displ back… It is really Performance hungry…
But wish for a more transparent way of previewing solutions for equal works (especially for stylized mats, that need them for extra detail…) from the side of epic…

Currently… they pushed those Methods out, without giving an alternative Method of doing an equal Job to Meshes…

Perhaps Nanite will do this job… but didn’t epic say that it won’t happen in 5.0?
Means… in the meanwhile… there is no alternative… and so… I asked… for a more efficient workflow to do it with Nanite. :wink:

(I don’t need tess+world pos offset… but would be cool to get my stylized materials to not look flat again :sweat_smile:)

Github update from ~20 hours ago:

It looks like a big WIP with unknown performance, but dynamic tessellation for nanite is in the development pipeline.

New build of nanite can also do custom depth stencil now according to github, yet to test it out.

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