No more Oculus Rift support for Mac in 4.8??

I do hope I’m missing something, but I’m afraid Oculus SDK 0.6 in UE 4.8 means there’s no more support for Oculus Rift development on mac, since this version is windows only :-/
Indeed, I’m experiencing a completely black display when running the applications fullscreen in the DK2. Could anyone from Epic confirm this? Any solution to keep on using the previous SDK?

So, the plugin appears to be still whitelisted for mac:

In the application I see the following logs:

From Service] OVR::OSX::HIDDevice - Opened ‘USB:vid=2833: pid=0021:ser=MSCE48R6K9DA3010K100’
Manufacturer:‘Oculus VR, Inc.’ Product:‘Rift DK2’ Serial#:‘MSCE48R6K9DA3010K100’
[From Service] OVR::SensorDevice - Closed ‘USB:vid=2833: pid=0021:ser=MSCE48R6K9DA3010K100’
[From Service] OVR::OSX::HIDDevice - HID Device Closed ‘USB:vid=2833: pid=0021:ser=MSCE48R6K9DA3010K100’
[From Service] OVR::OSX::HIDDevice - HIDShutdown ‘USB:vid=2833: pid=0021:ser=MSCE48R6K9DA3010K100’

…but the display stays black. Any idea of what the problem is?

In my experience, black display is normal for 0.6, even on windows. :frowning: