No More Home

Hello everyone!
I’m coming here to announce the next “Rokyte Studio” project!
Called “No More Home”, Its a Tactical cooperation FPS that makes you sweat!
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Check the full presentation here (cannot put it in here as image size is too big haha): KickstarterPresentation by Raptor7338 on DeviantArt

Aaaannd coming back here! (sorry for the double post o.o’)

Here we are!
Rokyte Studio is excited to announce the launch of “No More Home” on Kickstarter! Indeed made with Unreal engine 4.26 !

Come to help us and get tons of rewards!…o/no-more-home

Look. Let me just help you out. The scope of your project is WAY TOO BIG. You’re adding all of these features. Multiplayer, Open-World. FPS, Vehicles, Inventory. You need to start on a smaller project that 2 people can work on realistically otherwise your vision will never happen. Here is my advice, Make a 2 person co-op alien survival game in Top Down for Steam. Feature 25 evels. Fight hordes of aliens to get out of the city. You’ll remember this comment a year from now. Best of luck when you do.

Hi @Kertit

I’m a huge fan of FPS Games and especially Multiplayer Alien Invasion FPS Games as we’re developing one as well.

I would have to respectfully disagree. The only thing way to big are the buzzwords. There are plenty of assets in the Unreal Marketplace (many of them FREE) and others to build it with. Also, UE4 is the Game Dev Suite/Engine to pull it off with. The Team may have to implement procedural generation and reuse their player customization systems to crank out a decent amount of content pre or post game publishing (thats what we’re doing) to fill the world. But, Yes it can be done. However, with current amount content presented, I do think the Kickstarter is a little premature. Demonstrating some Character Customization and small amount of Combat would help sell that Kickstarter.

Many of the assets are specific to the user that created them. You’ll end up spending more time trying to understand what’s going on and revers engineering them rather than doing it yourselves. I’m not a fan of Kickstarter. Especially when you end up taking all of the profit in the end. Dude, procedural generation? That’s going to be ridiculously hard to optimize. At least look into nativization. God help you. I digress.