No Mobile Reflections.

Hi, Could someone please tell me how do I enable reflections on flat surfaces on a mobile. I have a simple room with one directional light. I need reflections on the tables and ground planes. I have tried every single setting and variation possible and nothing works.

I have tested the Sun Temple demo project and the Reflection Content Example demo project and nether of those projects have reflections on the mobile (iPhone 6). Those projects do have some kind of glare on the ground plans but noting close to what would be classified as a realistic reflection.

SSR does not work on mobile, neither do Sphere or Box Reflection captures. An alternative solution to get reflections working may be to use a Scene Capture Cube, but they don’t work on mobile either.

UE4 is suppose to be an amazing game engine but it doesn’t even offer the ability to support reflections on mobile. Reflections are quite simple to get running on Unity.

I have spent so much time trying to get reflections to work, and the worst thing is, every post or document that i have read about this subject does not offer a solution.

If someone could please confirm for me that reflections do not work on mobile or offer me a solution to get detailed reflections displaying on the ground and tables I would be so appreciative.


Spherical reflection probes work just fine for me on Android

I do get some kind of reflections on round objects, but my flat objects like table and the floor have nothing. Do you get reflections on floor plane?

I have definitely gotten reflections to work on mobile in all my projects, and I think this is just a problem with your standards. Unreal is so gorgeous on the PC version that it can be pretty disappointing to find all your favorite features watered down or removed when you put it on mobile.

On desktop, the reflection captures have high resolution cubemaps that are turned into a Reflection Environment that is projected onto the world in runtime. For mobile, the captures are much lower resolution, and no projecting is allowed. So you end up with the captures being assigned to each object, and it does this based on which capture is closest to the center of mass. So be careful about planning where your captures go. And then you just have to deal with what you’ve got, because: cell phones.

Your alternative is to make your own reflection captures and assign them per material. You can use the scene capture cube to render a reflection sphere in the editor, and then you can assign that texture to whatever you want and move its UVs based on a Reflection Vector. Mobile can handle up to 2048 textures.

I’m not using a reflective floor, but my main object looks pretty much exactly like it looks on PC, the only difference I can tell is lack of SSR and more compression of the texture maps, but the reflection looks the same as much as I can tell.

So I must be doing something wrong. Here is a screen shot taken from the Sun Temple Project.

Here is the same angle taken on an iPhone 6.


There doesn’t seem to be any reflections on the floor. Am I missing a setting?

Regarding the Scene Capture Cube. They don’t seem to work for me on a mobile. They are always rendered as green. Are you suggesting creating the cube map in the editor then export that as a static texture to use on the device.

Those are screen space reflections-rendered in real time. The reflections are rendering on mobile but it’s using reflection probes, you can see a reflection there in the lower left corner there where it’s reflecting the sky through the wall.

So is there any chance to make the reflections crisp like the top image?

Screen space reflections aren’t supported on mobile

bringing this old thread back. noticing the same on my android builds. ground looks exactly how the OP shoes. reflects the outside but nothing like it should. Is these a new trick thaty has been developed in the last 5 years?

A few things have changed, but, there is a reason reflections in games are rare.
You can use high quality reflections or planar, but for the most part ue4 is a little janky in reflections.

Dear God! I got a reply! Its so rare to get answers honestly so i thank you a million. Do you know what’s the best way to get ok reflections for Android? You said Planar, what about BOX or Spheres? i Noticed if i use 2 box reflections i get the pool over the limit size message. or if i make my sphere reflectors too big, it does the over the pool size message again. If there a guide?

I don’t develop on mobile so I can’t help with setting it up but I just thought I’d point out that 4.26 now has a mobile alternative to SSR called “pixel projected reflections” (PPR), and also now supports compression for reflection captures. I don’t think there are dedicated doc pages yet but you can see examples in the release notes:…_26/index.html

You will probably have to lower your reflection capture resolution considerably is my guess, they’re HDRIs (though maybe not for mobile?) and essentially six textures per capture so they consume a lot of memory.

ahh! good tips! thank you! ill keep playing with it.

Thanks @Arkiras , I hadn’t seen that page. So many new features!

read it over but couldnt find out where to activate the new features on the where is the GTAO?