No Lightmap for meshes placed via Blueprint construction script?

Hey, everybody!

I made a blueprint that adds meshes via its construction script.
So technically it’s just a tool for me to make it easier to place the meshes.
However, it seems like those meshes do not get baked lighting.
When I place the meshes manually I can bake the light for it but not when I place them using the blueprint.
Is that because meshes added via blueprint are considered to be added on run-time and thus can not have a lightmap?
Is there any way to enable that?

In this picture I added the ground meshes via blueprint and some manually.
It’s quite obvious which is which telling by the wall’s shadow.

Also, while we’re already talking about lightmaps:
If an object has several LODs do all of the LODs get a baked lightmap?

This is because they are instanced static meshes, and Unreal currently doesn’t support Lightmaps for Instanced meshes. (Although it is coming in 4.6 for Foliage, so perhaps we’ll see it introduced then).

LOD’s don’t get their own baked lightmap, they share the same lightmap as the master mesh, so it’s important to keep your UV’s in the lightmap channel as similar as possible.

Dammit. So my whole blueprint is useless then.
I hope they’re going to fix that soon. Would be cool if I could add them procedurally but it just looks horrible without the lightmap.

It’s coming in 4.6–both for foliage and instanced static meshes from Blueprints.

I fixed this issue in 4.18 by adding a scene root to the BP and setting it to static