No hands to be shown in FPS game

I am currently making a low poly FPS and I want to make the player not be shown holding the weapon in it’s hands in the first person view. But when another player is looking at a player u can see that they are holding a gun.

Let me know if u need further explaining.

I came across this same issue way back when 4.16 had just come out, my solution was to have a non-replicated function trigger on event begin play that would look at its “player index” (index of the player that joins the game starting from 0) and would cast to the other players that were not of the same “playing index” and the player it was called from. This function would hide a component or components of choice for that player and not effecting them for the other players. A more effective way of doing this is using a 'blueprint interface" to call the function. If this is a bit confusing or you need a bit more explaining I am happy to help out more!

Just select the mesh and check ‘owner no see’: