No glow in composure

Hi all,
i’m experimenting some problems with glow materials ad the composure.
I have setup a material with a glow amount to act like a neon panel, placed a “CineCameraActor” in my scene and assign that camera to a Composure to ouput.

As you se in the image below the material is glowing correctly in the viewport and in the camera, but not in the composure.

Am i missing some parameter to set in the composure to catch the glow?!

Hello, have you found a solution to this?
I am in the same situation right now.

I’m having the same problem here, but no luck whatsoever. Hope someone from UE support can help with this issure because i’m seeing no solution anywhere.

A little late to the party here, but I found a basic solution using bloom.

Select the composure layer that you want to apply glow to. Under the Composure > Transform/Compositing Passes > Transform Passes menu, add a “Compositing Post Process Pass”. Under this pass, you can add a “Lens Bloom Pass”. This will apply the lens bloom effect to everything rendering in that composure layer, but it will not affect other composure layer.

In this example, I apply it to a CG layer called “CG_Element”:

Having the same problem. The Lens Bloom pass is not unfortunately the answer. The Bloom makes everything in the camera bloom, not just the material that is supposed to glow. Makes black grey etc.