No FXAA or Temporal AA on mobile VR?

Hi All,

Using Unreal studio 4.19 (using Google VR plugin) it appears there is no “FXAA” or “temporal AA” working on Android.
(I’m testing on Redmi 4, using Adreno 505, OS: MIUI, based on Android 6.0.1)

I can only get AA when using the expensive Mobile HDR with 2x,4x or 8x MSAA.
Switching on/off “FXAA” or “temporal AA” in this situation has no effect in Android (visually or on fps).

For a cheaper mobile AA solution i’ve been trying to get only “FXAA” or “Temporal AA“ to work with no Mobile HDR:
Project settings > rendering > Mobile > Mobile HDR = off / No MSAA
Project settings > rendering > default settings > AA method: FXAA or Temporal AA
Project settings > rendering > forward renderer > forward shading: On or Off (makes no difference visually or to fps)
Project settings > Android > Build > Arm 64
Project settings > Android > Build > ES2 or ES3.1 (makes no difference visually or to fps)
r.PostProcessAAQuality=6 (set via DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini)

Other existing values:
sg.AntiAliasingQuality = “3”
sg.AntiAliasingQuality.NumLevels = “5”
sg.ResolutionQuality = “100”

Essentially when using “FXAA” or ”Temporal AA” with any r.PostProcessAAQuality value the result is identical to Anti-Aliasing Method = “None”

I hope I’m missing something here as the even the 2x MSAA halves my frame rate on mobile down to 20fps yet my test scene is an empty shell of a room with basic textures!

Any pointers, much appreciated!!!

Graham Macfarlane