No editor outlines with Vulkan



This is with 4.18 from github, compiled when 8d8760cb7ac2eb4947e8c3634ad46e876ffc2d70 was the latest commit (3 hours ago).

@RCaloca Do you know about this already or are outlines working for you with Vulkan?

Yeah I see it. Was working but something might have broken it again. I’ll take a look.

Fixed this last night in 4.18, CL 3670937, it should come to github soon-ish :slight_smile:


Btw, you remember when you added texture array support to Vulkan without ever testing if the code actually works?
Since texture arrays will hopefully soon be merged to master I’ve tested them now with Vulkan in 4.18, and they work without any issues, looks same like with D3D11 :slight_smile:

Awesome :slight_smile: