No dynamic shadows with directional light

Hello !
I have been struggling with this problem since yesterday morning . I have this map with a landscape and few meshes and alot of painted foliage . I whant to use cascaded shadow maps , and at first everything worked fine . After I updated to 4.4.2 , I opened up my project and build the lighting . Suddenly the dynamic part of the shadows was gone , only the baked was visible . I tought it’s a problem with cascaded shadow maps , but then I set the light source to movable , and shadows dissapeared altogether . I searched every menu and every option of every object I have , nothing works . On a new map everything is fine . So i tried deleting one by one every object in my scene building lights , adding new lights etc. The dynamic shadows do not show up until I have deleted everything from my scene , added a new directional light 2 new objects and rebuild . All I whant is to keep my main landscape , where I have painted alot of foliage , it will be a grueling task to repaint everything , and if it happens again I’ll have no time to finish my project .
edit: Also point light and spot light do work when set to movable in the same level , the problem is mainly the directional light .
If someone could give me some idea , or at the very least if there is some way to tranfer my painted landscape to a new map/project .
Thank you !