No Dynamic Shadow casting from large Actor


I am in the process of creating a visual simulation of planetary rings and have encountered a problem.
My project uses only dynamic lighting as all actors in the scene are movable and actually move.
My directional light is also set to movable.

The main issue:

The planetoid static mesh actor does not cast any shadow. Neither close dynamic shadow map, far dynamic, nor distance field shadow.

What I tried:

  1. Went through the Lighting Troubleshooting guide and tinkered with the values to reach what I wanted for the rest of the scene. While the values in the screenshot are mostly the default ones, changing them did not change the issue.
  2. Went through the whole dynamic shadow documentation, and tried Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows. They do not help and they produce a lot of artifacts on my LOD meshes (that compose the opaque ring in the screenshot).
  3. Generate Mesh Distance Field for each mesh that needs to cast a shadow (still doesn’t work for the sphere).

So, what can I do for this big actor to cast it’s shadows?
I would like to keep the lighting and shadows dynamic as the whole system will move and static lighting does not really make sens to my eyes. If however there is a way to fake the user into belief, I will take suggestions.

Solved (but what is wrong here?)

The mesh is indeed the problem.

Here are it’s settings:

What is wrong with it except the collision primitive (totally different for the starter content sphere)?

Here are the screenshots of my scene and the problem:

Some details:

The asteroids have been set to not cast any far shadow.
As you can see, the sphere does not cast any shadow on the black-ish monolith but the ring itself does (through the sphere).

The planetoid details and settings:

And the movable directional light details: