No document related UE in Google official website..

Does Epic Team really care adout daydream?
Hard to find any document/manual/tutorial except here…

There are so many resources about Unity.
Hope some more change from 4.13 release.

Well Epic is not owned by google and I don’t see why there should be a requirement to have UE on that site under Samples and Tutorials. Unity is there since cardboard 1 (Daydream = v2), which is waaay back ago. Oh and this other link you posted is the actual docs … idk where you would want to search for guidance instead of the docs on the first place.

I totally agree, even in your link, the existing documentation is insufficient to start building for this platform, even in 4.13

EDIT: Something like thisis really needed for all VR platforms

There is now:

This isn’t official, but there is a good tutorial (I think it is good - but I am a bit biased…) for Unreal and the Daydream controller and includes the project as well as basics such as simple swiping. See here: Daydream Controller and Unreal Instructional Tutorial on Vimeo Please give constructive feedback. I hope this helps - we need more Daydream apps made by Unreal - so many possibilities! – Thanks, Rob.