No Decal Mask from 3D Imposter Sprites

I using the Render to Texture Blueprint, following this tutorial, and trying to render out some 3D Imposter Sprites.

I’m following the tutorial exactly, but for some reason not getting the decal mask texture rendering out properly.

Here is how the example looks in the tutorial:


And here is how it looks in my version:


The base colour and normal maps are coming out fine, but what should be the decal mask seems to just be an unlit version of the mesh, and opening up the file there is no usable transparency or anything in it.

As a workaround, I could just substitute the material/s for emissive materials set to 100% white, but that’s going to be annoying for large numbers of meshes, and judging by the tutorial this is something that should work.

Anyone know what’s going on here?

I’m having the same problem.

Unfortunately decalmask was removed from the engine. The way to get it to work now is to make it use scene depth instead, but make the material turn black if depth is greater than a threshold value in front of the camera.

Hi RyanB. I have used the SceneDepth. But is does not work. This is my SceneDepth and Sprite in scene. Why my character is transparency but my background is black?

Hey all,

So dealing with this issue here myself. As the generation only really needs to happen once and be imported elsewhere it might be easier to just use an older engine version. Which engine version removed decalmask?

Michael Brune