No contact shadows, Raytraced AO

Hi all! I’ve asked this a few times and not gotten any responses so I figured I would try again. In the screencap I’ve uploaded you can see with raytracing AO on, I’m not getting any contact shadows. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’ve watched numerous tutorials and it seems to be working in those, and when I follow those steps, I’m still not getting any contact shadows. This is happening in multiple projects, I’ve tried SO many things. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

Are you expecting AO in the circled area? AO doesn’t appear in direct, dynamic lighting(if the light is shadow casting).

Hi! So, how would I get some type of contact shadow there? Just doesn’t look natural. I’m not really concerned on how, just want to know some way to get that to look like it is:) thanks for any help!

Looks natural to me, its direct sunlight, thats how light works, its the use of almost all primitives that makes it look odd

Is AO enabled in Project Settings, and in World Lightmass settings?