No blending between sections on Camera Cuts track?

Hi all,

I just noticed something surprising and a little bit disappointing. Apparently, there is no way to blend smoothly between different sections on the Camera Cuts track in Sequencer. It seems there is always going to be a hard cut when switching from one section to the next.

I noticed that while trying to blend gameplay smoothly to a cinematic. My idea was to bind the first section on the Cuts track to the player character, which owns the camera component that serves as the regular gameplay camera. The second section would bind to the cinematic camera that gets spawned by the Level Sequence. Overlap both sections to blend smoothly between the two cameras and you have a seamless transition from gameplay to cutscene. Or so I thought.

Is there an official word on why the Camera Cuts track is restricted like that and whether this will ever change? I worked around this in a previous project by spawning the cine camera beforehand and doing the View Target With Blend thing, but I hoped I could build something more elegant and less maintenance-heavy this time around.

Is blending between the Camera Cuts now possible?

You can blend into and between cameras by enabling blending on the track, and then dragging between the camera cut sections, like this:

thank you. And what else do you have to activate in order to see the blending inside the Sequencer?
Once the Blend is activated, I still just have a hard cut instead of a blend.

That should be sufficient. Did you also drag between the sections to drag out the blend amount? Do you see the crossfading between the two sections like in the image above?

this is pretty cool
is there a way to bake this to one camera animation afterwards?