No audio on 360 video when in VR?

Audio and video play fine together in media player. I attach the video texture to a sphere to play in VR and there is no audio. Any help is appreciated!

I read some where you must add a separate wave file. Is this accurate?

I bit the bullet and just extracted the audio as a Wav file out of Premiere and added the audio to the level via a level sequencer. It’s frustrating that the audio plays in the media player but not in the environment. I also had to manually adjust the timing of the audio by a quarter second for the audio and video to synch. I’m baking the experience now will update on how it turns out.

It turned out “okay”. I will try to use a custom sphere imported from Maya with the normals inverted.

The texture is double sided and it doesn’t make sense to waste resourced rendering both sides of the sphere.

My tripod cover logo and video is also backwards. I’m sure there is a way to fix this as well. Will keep tinkering until I get it right.