No Alpha when using AA

Hi - I am using the Movie Render queue to render out EXR sequences with an alpha background. If I have Anti-Aliasing activated I do not get an alpha channel in the final export - or at least nothing usable. It is all white. If I turn off AA I get a usable alpha channel.

Any idea why and is there a workaround to use AA and still get an Alpha?



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i am having the same problem.
Couldn’t find a solution for this?

Hi guys, to keep alpha with the Anti-Aliasing tempora/ spatial sample count :

  1. Check the “Accumulator Includes Alpha” in your Rendering pass

  2. Add this Console variable :

r.PostProcessing.PropagateAlpha 1 or 2

  1. And obviously, make sure that alpha is always enabled

With that, it all ok on my side