No Alpha Layer in Flipbook

I drew some frames for a creature in my game. He is a fire elemental, and he glows. So there is an alpha layer in his sprites. This is a 2.5D side-scroller game but for all intents and purposes, the game looks 2D. The characters are all supposed to be 2D sprites.

So when I put the sprites with alpha layers into the flipbook, the alpha layer responsible for his red glow looses a ton of quality and he is suddenly a red circle. I can’t find any information on this topic. Is there no way to do a flipbook for a 2D character with an alpha?

Here’s what I want the flipbook to look like:


Here’s what happens:


Go into that image inside the editor and switch the texture group to UI.

So, the alpha was good on the texture file/sprites, but the flipbook had the alpha back on? Can you post Screenshot of that please? Also, pretty much all your screens, texture/sprite/flipbook. Let’s make sure those settings are good.

Hey, VictorBurgos, I went into the texture file, changed the texture group to UI, and made sprites out of them and the sprites looked great! However, when I made them into a flipbook, it was still the same. :-/

Any other ideas?

Thanks for the reply! Here are some shots of all the thumbnails as well as the texture, sprite, and flipbook in their editors.

I notice you are using a MaskedDeafultMaterial, I am wondering (almost betting), that it’s masking out the “glow” effect, try out translucent, see if that helps. If not, and you want that mask (probably do), play around with the values. Probably that Opacity Mask Value.

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No problem! Have fun!

You’re a genius. It worked! :smiley: