No Ability To Scale Particles Using Emitter Time

Currently, it is impossible to scale particles using emitter time, rather than Lifetime.

In UDK, you could use an initial Size module to do this, but it appears the functionality has been removed. Only Scale Color / Life works in emitter time right now.

Can this be changed, so that all ‘Initial’ modules when using a Constant Curve Distribution work in Emitter Time instead? Thanks.

Hey TheJamsh -

Size By Life should be able to help you achieve what you are looking for in the same way that Scale Color/Life except with using Emitter time. Initial Size never had the function to use Emitter Time in UDK, but as we work on the engine I will let the developers know there is an interest in the functionality.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric, I have no option under ‘Size By Life’ to use Emitter Time, I’m using 4.4.1 (unless I’m skipping over it completely).

Hi Eric.
I would go so far as saying that this feature is a must have for an FX artist.
I moved from Unity to Unreal, Unity has this feature and having it allows you to makes affects such as smoke that gets smaller over time and a absortion fx that do the same in order to be more impact full and believable.
Please if there is a way to make this feature possible someday would make my life easier. Making a tool myself or animating it via blueprint is not an option in production timewayse.
Sorry for my bad english.
Thank you.
Matias Mahler