nitrous direct X 11 anti-aliasing


i am wondering if UE4 could benefit from something like nitrous direct X 11 anti-aliasing found in autodesk 3dsmax doing really great job with viewport anti-aliasing?
i am working on a project that suffers badly from aliasing and i tried every possible tips and articles i could get my hands on for the past week. its really frustrating. i tried screen percentage and all AA modes also forward shading with no luck. it is an architecture visualization project with lots of vertical lines near each other creating a very noticeable on screen patterns like waves.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

The AA in 3ds Max is not real-time (you have to wait a moment after moving in your viewport for it to show up)
If you’re doing Archviz, you can get better AA by rendering your image at a much higher resolution and then scaling it down later, you can do the same with video–for example render at 4K and scale down to 1080p

thanks i will try this, and yes 3ds max take about 10 seconds to clean the aliasing, i do not mind waiting the same time or more to render cenimatics from ue4.

unfortunately the 4K approach is not helping. i did a careful comparison. i also tried 4K with 200% screen percentage.

for now the best anti aliasing results is to use temporal AA + 1080p + 200% screen percentage, but unfortunately many textures somehow switched to very low resolution ( blur out ) and i think actors are forced to use lowest LOD. i am a beginner to ue4 and do not know what to do.

also a screen message say ( texture streaming over 344mb ).

r.Streaming.PoolSize #### in the console will give ue4 more video ram to work with, its defaults to something pretty low, i set mine to 5000 as i have a 6000mb 980ti

this variable helps control the amount of texture memory used to stream in from the HDD, if you set this to anything higher than what you have it will negatively impact your performance

thank you.

I assume it doesn’t matter what graphics card is in use , but wanted to make sure dose it help with anti aliasing a better graphics card?