Night Sky Atmosphere with Stars (UE5)


Probably a nooby question, but how can i create a changing day/night cycle with UE5. I saw a bunch of UE4 Tutorials wich where using “BP_Sky_Atmosphere” but i can’t find that on UE5. Shouldn’t this be possible with UE5 new Sky Atmosphere and stuff?
Or shoud i just create the Scene in UE4 and than convert it over?

Thanks Sven

enable plugin sun sky and volumetics,
place sun sky blueprint from place actors,
content browser settings to enable engine content to lovate PLANET BP in volumetrics folder.
ctrl L can reotate light source, all u have left is to get cubemap of space, create skybox material with stars and u got ur ■■■■ set up

I don’t find the PLANET BP in the Engine Content. Where is that exactly?

I would really like to know the answer to this too… With sky atmosphere I have no idea how to add stars, directional moonlight and ambient light… everything seem to be a lot harder to customize with this system

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Volumetrics is enabled in plugins, search volumetrics in plugins tab