Night Skies

Comparing the night skies information with my results in game, I was wondering how do you make it darker? I’m using the blue print sky from the engine content, and I can actually get a night sky that looks pretty good, but the horizon is still extremely well lit. This would look fine I’m assuming a large outdoor environment, but I want it much darker, with a dark horizon that is bright blue. I can’t seem to pull off this effect with this blueprint. Was wondering if I could have some help. (I have looked over the wiki info too) Should I not even use this blueprint and go for something else?

Even in this screenshot, it does look a bit bright. I want it all dark.

I know this would be a pretty cheap effect but you could put a color grading over the camera and Tint it to give a darker bluer style simmular to how BF3 did their night map


Its a cheap effect again and not sure if its really what you’re looking for an i’m very new to this and developing.

so take it for what its worth :stuck_out_tongue:


Well you could start by getting rid of some of those clouds?

It’s not really the clouds that cause the problems. Even without them, the dark starry sky fades into the horizon at some bright blue white color. I’d prefer to darken the horizon.

Have a look at the solus map that hourences has done. he made his own sphere for the sky and made it darker. there is a link scroll down the page and you can download his examples to you can learn how to do it

Have a look at the Atmospheric Fog settings if you have one in your map. The skycolor is (partially - depending on your setup) determined by it.