Just getting into Niagara and have some basic questions that I cant find answers to.

Lets say I make a 2 emitters and they live inside one Event. If I delete the emitters from my scene will they still stay in the Event?

I am asking because I purchased the Realistic Starter VFX Pack from the Marketplace and I have all the events and inside the events are the emitters but I cant find the emitters in the content folders?

I am not looking in the right place?


What is an “event” here?
Emitters usually live within Systems.
Systems can be applied to any blueprint via whatever, including events (on key press, or on overlap end etc).

Regardless. Emitters are created as individual files. So long as you do not delete the files you can re-use the emitter across multiple systems without complications.

Sorry for my confusion. When I said events I met systems.

But you answered my question, so thank you.


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