Niagara, variables access via BP

So I have a setup where I emit particles from a skeletal mesh, and it was fairly easy to deconstruct and recreate from the content examples, but there Niagara system it’s sort of manually pointed to the right mesh in the level itself.

I would like to be able to set mesh variable within the blueprint, when I spawn Niagara system, like I was doing with cascade. However it seems like i can’t really set that in BP, simply because there’s no access to it. I can set some variables there but not user exposed parameters. In fact the list of variables I do have access to is sort very limited, so I’m thinking I’m just looking in a wrong place in general.

Is there a way to do so with BP’s? Or in general is there a way to get/set more data for Niagara systems via BP’s?

P.S. Casting to Niagara system doesn’t work either. In images attached I have give some more explanations on what do they override in content examples and what i do have access to in BP if not placed in level directly

I had a similar problem with Splines instead of Skeletal Mesh.
The solution for me was to use the Set Niagara Variable (Actor) and use a refrence to self.
Maybe this will work for your Skeletal Mesh Actor aswell.
It does not seem to accept the Spline Component as an input, only the full Actor itself so i dunno how it finds the component in the Actor.
It works tho, so i can t complain.

hope that helps and good luck