Niagara training / tutorials

Hi all,

I am trying to learn Niagara to create some dust and particle fx for a few of my animation scenes. I have some aircrafts landing on a dry dirt environment and I want the aircrafts to kick up dust and dirt particles as they land. Anyone know where I can find some tutorials or training on something like that?

I also have a scene where they fly over water. Looking to create some splash back and fx on the water. So anything in that area as well.


I don’t know specific tutorial for your cases. But there are good tutorials and courses on YouTube & Udemy on Niagra. Give them a try.

Yes I am searching Youtube. I will see what Udemy has as well. Didnt know if there was an actual class out there.



This is the one I took. It won’t teach you much.
But, it will get up you to the speed.

So, you can take tutorials & other videos in confidence.

Sounds good man. Thanks.

How do I control the flickering type of effect I am getting. is that the life of the particles?

All you really need

Chrish Murphy is likely one out of 3 ue4 “rockstars” they sport at talks… ok make that 5…

I remember developing my first ue4 game a couple of years ago and I also used Niagara to make it rainy in my world. It all starts with creating a simple raindrop material. Then create a new Niagara system and make sure you add the color and spawnRate parameters. Create an empty emitter, and then configure each module as you need. I can recommend the company, which can develop a more detailed tutorial on this issue especially for you. But the actions that I described above, this would be enough for you to start making dust and particles by yourself.