Niagara System

Hi Alan S here =)

I started to work with Niagara recently and noticed some bugs along the way. I was following a tutorial from CGHOW where he made a spline based particle effect in Niagara. After doing the same thing and applying it with a mesh rendered particle, some problems occurred. I have been working in both UE4 4.23 & 4.25. I managed to find some different in the module script and in the particle system itself. There was also an issue with having a module script in the particle system and switching over to GPU simulation for some reason, Having a MSN(Module Script Niagara) in the system and turning on GPU sim target crashed UE4 4.23. While in 4.25 the Module script doenst work anymore and gets a compile error whenever I add a MSN to the PSN.

In 4.23 in the MSN to add a spline it is called User.Spline
And in 4.25 in the MSN it is called New Spline.

Note that the first Image is 4.25

Note that the second Image is 4.23

Does anyone else have this issue?
Could anyone help me out with this?