Niagara System Mesh Spawn always uses Static Mesh Components?

Hey everyone,

I’m currently implementing a particle system into my project that should spawn particles on a mesh whenever an event is triggered.

I built this in a test project and used the NS-> setStaticMeshComponent Directly Node with my user parameter variable name in the override.
This worked great and changed the mesh and therefore the spawn position no problem.

Now I’m implementing this in my project and suddenly the mesh setup via the BP node gets ignored.
Instead the Niagara System in my Blueprint always falls back to the last Static Mesh Component in my component list.

So basically: if you have no static mesh component in your BP where the Niagara System resides the set static mesh component directly node works fine. But as soon as there is a static mesh component present in you BP it get’s picked over the thing you’re setting up.

Is this intended or any good way around it.
I my case I’m getting around this weird behaviour by adding a Static Mesh Component last, not rendering it and changing its mesh…but that seems not like the right way to do.

Any hints on if I’m doing it wrong or it’s just weirdly implemented in Niagara so far?