Niagara System - key individual emitter activation in Sequencer

Hi there, I’d like to control the participation of various niagara emitters in a niagara system from sequencer.

I have some 10 emitters that make up my niagara system and would simply like to toggle some of them off individually in a sequencer timeline in order to reveal the constituent elements in a test render.

I’ve gotten as far as dropping my Niagara system into sequencer, adding a NiagaraComponent and then examining the track options… system toggle track and system lifecycle track…
This looks to control the the activation/deactivation and lifecycle of the entire system, but I’d like to get a little more granular than that and time the visibility of each individual emitter akin to soloing the various emitter stacks when working inside a niagara system.

I’m rather new to sequencer and niagara and would be keen to know if and how this is possible to get a breakdown movie going.


Sweet. I do enjoy posting my own solutions… but please chime in if anyone knows of a better way I may have overlooked.

I’m multiplying each Emitters Spawn Rate by a corresponding USER System Parameter originally set to 1.
These user parameters show up at the top of the NiagaraComponent context menu under Tracks which allows them to be added to the sequencer timeline and keyed.
This turns off any additional spawning on the timeline, letting the emitter run its course until it dies.
Not a hard disable of the emitter, and a bit laborious to go in and set this up for each emitter, but should suffice for a breakdown.

using constant keys helps turn on/off emission pretty quick. the other RMB key interpolation options offer some nice artistic control.
Wow, niagara and sequencer go hand in hand a lot more than I was anticipating.