Niagara Spawn System Question


New to Niagara and have been experimenting with using it to create effects in the shape of static meshes after i destroy the mesh.

I’m having an issue when spawning my Niagara system that takes the shape of a static mesh. In my blueprint, i have the multiple instances of the mesh set to various scales, and spawn the system after destroying individual instances.

My issue is, when I use Spawn System Attached, it inherits the changing scales of each instance, but for some reason doesn’t inherit their individual locations. So it just spawns in the same spot repeatedly until the last mesh is destroyed, even after giving it GetWorldTransform location/rotation info. So I tried using Spawn System at Location, which has the exact opposite problem. It follows the locations perfectly, but doesn’t re-scale the system to match the instances it’s replacing.

If anyone has a solution to either spawn method, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi! You need parameter attach rule - EAttachLocation::SnapToTargetIncludingScale;