Niagara - Some feedbacks

Having a first look to Niagara and its possibilities :slight_smile:
First the tool is fantastic, thanks for the time you guys spent on it.

I am currently working on a library of module and / or useful stuff I can have use of in the future.
I for example wanted to create a random integer DynamicInputScript.
So basically having a min & max integer value returning a random integer in that range.
I noticed that the DynamicInputScript is not compiling, or always throwing errors.
Not knowing what’s wrong I opened up one of the provided script (divide for example) and noticed that the error is thrown too.
So first question, is that a known issue ? Is there a way to fix this ? or is an update planned with the fix ?

Also, I need to create a context for this one :slight_smile:
Imagine you have an explosion effect, and you want to spawn a soundFX and/or a decal.
For now, and the way it used to work with cascade was, to instantiate explosion, decal and sound through a blueprint or a matinee in order to get that synchronised.
Which is quite boring as it needs for and more files in your project.

So I’d like to be able to create a decal renderer for Niagara. As far as I can tell there is actually no way to do so, except maybe through code, which I had a look to.
Problem is, I’d like to avoid redo the all work as, many update will come for Niagara in the future. So I thought maybe doing a “extra plugin” for Niagara, something like NiagaraDecals.
However I have some troubles to find out how to proceed and where to start to.

So second question, is a C++ documentation being released ? Have you thought about allowing to create custom renderers ? Do you think that what I intend to do is actually doable ?

I may have more features ideas / feedback in soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:
And so far really enjoying Niagara :smiley: