Niagara - "Set Emitter Enable" BP Node does not work?


I’ve a Niagara system with multiple emitters and I’d like to enable / disable some of them from time to time. The “Set Emitter Enable” node sounds totally right for this purpose but it simply doesn’t work as far as I can tell. Is this a bug or does the node require some specific system setup to work properly?


4.25.1 and here is the code behind that node:

void FNiagaraSystemInstance::SetEmitterEnable(FName EmitterName, bool bNewEnableState)
UE_LOG(LogNiagara, Warning, TEXT("SetEmitterEnable: Emitter \"%s\" is not currently implemented."), *EmitterName.ToString());

Really wish there were less of this in the engine lol.

However, what works is making a user param float (set it to 0, or 1) and multiplying it with the spawn rate.

Can you give some hint about how to “multiply” an user param to a value inside SpawnRate module?

Click the dropdown on the right side of the value and select Multiply Float.

This turns it into 2 values, where you can enter the spawn rate into one, and turn the other into your variable.


4.26.1 still not implemented!