Niagara set/change material in BluePrints?


How can I set or change material in Niagara system? I have a simple Niagara system with one emitter and one sprite renderer in it. But I just can’t change material of sprite renderer using BB for some reason, I’m using SetMaterial(Niagara) node. Here is the setup:

I’m also having issues with CreateMaterialInstance(Niagara) node, it just can’t see the material, but I have only one material and one sprite rendered, so the index should be 0, right?

PS: Using UE 4.20.3

I have the same issue. Did you ever figure this out?

Hey, in 4.24 there is a node called “Set Niagara Variable (Material)” but I can’t figure out what “In Variable Name” is meant to be.
I want to use this to set the material of a specific emitter in the system

Node reference: Set Niagara Variable (Material) | Unreal Engine Documentation

You have to first create a Material Interface parameter:

And then go into the render settings and hook it up under “Material User Param Binding”:

Did you solve this issue? I’m also trying to do the same. Would be great if you could kindly share your solution

Niagara for a while now has a material parameter you can create and assign to your Niagara system render node.
Then you the function "Set Niagara Parameter (Material) with the name of your created parameter in any blueprint.