Niagara set/change material in BluePrints?


How can I set or change material in Niagara system? I have a simple Niagara system with one emitter and one sprite renderer in it. But I just can’t change material of sprite renderer using BB for some reason, I’m using SetMaterial(Niagara) node. Here is the setup:

I’m also having issues with CreateMaterialInstance(Niagara) node, it just can’t see the material, but I have only one material and one sprite rendered, so the index should be 0, right?

PS: Using UE 4.20.3

I have the same issue. Did you ever figure this out?

Hey, in 4.24 there is a node called “Set Niagara Variable (Material)” but I can’t figure out what “In Variable Name” is meant to be.
I want to use this to set the material of a specific emitter in the system

Node reference: Set Niagara Variable (Material) | Unreal Engine Documentation

You have to first create a Material Interface parameter:

And then go into the render settings and hook it up under “Material User Param Binding”: