Niagara Script Random Info

Hi guys. I want to use skeletal mesh script for my niagara system. I get random tri coord and it wants from me a random info. Every one uses get random info but I dont have this node. What do i do guys…

Guys. someone help pls. :frowning:

Have you tried maybe using the “Make Niagara Rand Info” node?

“Make Niagara Rand Info” node is not working, particles are not taking shape of my skeleton mesh. Can you help me?

Hi, You need a “GetRandomInfo”. It can be found in the “Niagara content” folder/Functions/GetRandomInfo (not the content folder). You can then open it and tick the “expose to library” box. You should be able to now access it, and plug it into your “RandomInfo”. :slight_smile:

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good job. helped