Niagara Scratch Module - Integer Menu

Hi there, wondering if there is or if there is interest in having an ‘integer menu’ input to a Niagara Scratch Module or Niagara Module Script. Maybe there is support for this and I just haven’t discovered it yet, but coming from HDA building world my impulse was to reach for an (INPUT) where the user chooses a menu drop down to pass an integer into the script and then a node to handle it like unlimited else if clauses or a “c++ switch” in programmers speak. ie. there looks to only be an if statement under Logic.

Right now I have an integer ‘mode’ parameter and 7 equal tests to branch logic, so I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a single node geared toward this logic. Is it possible to make one, or simply collapse the nodes into a container node (subnet/macro/etc)?

– one additional thing I just noticed is if I prefix my input variables with ‘_’ (personal preference for org), Edit/Visible Conditions will strip the leading underscore when I input the conditional variable name and so these conditions will not work. Is there a reason for this?