Niagara Sample Skeletal Mesh not Working

Hello, I’m trying to make particles spawned on skeletal mesh vertex location.
In Niagara emitter, I added Sample Skeletal Mesh and Skeletal Mesh Location Modules to Particle Spawn tab, but nothing happened. I think there is problem in Sample Skeletal Mesh Module.
Is there anyone who has same problem or knows how to fix it?

Thank you.

Is the particle system CPU? It needs to be afaik. Did you put in a default mesh in the ‘Default Mesh’ section? Are there any other modules after the Sample Static Mesh and Static Mesh Location that might be overriding the Particle.Position namespace?

I was having issues with Static Mesh Location and just by adding a Set Variables of Particles.Position = Particles.SampleStaticMesh.MeshPosition and it worked.