Niagara ribbons


I’m testing ribbons on Niagara, but I’m having an issue. The thing is that when I use the Niagara Ribbon Renderer on the trail particles, it begins to flicker as soon as the first source particle dies. The lifetime isn’t random, so I have no idea what’s going on here. Any help please?

Here’s a video showing the problem:


Hard to say without the code, looks like your event handler is glitching after the particles die.
I published a collection of niagara samples, maybe some of the code could help you figure out : GitHub - DarknessFX/Niagara_Study: Unreal Engine 4 Niagara particles system collection of samples.

Sorry for the late reply,

Thank you, I’ll check your examples! But I tried in a blank new project and followed some videos with a simple ribbon explanation, so I don’t know what did I do wrong :S


I’m still having this issue… I’ve tried a lot of things, followed a lot of videos and examples, but can’t fix it.

I’ve found something: I think this is related to the Ribbon Renderer. If I use the Sprite Renderer it doesn’t flick… but don’t know why :S

Hi I’m having the same issue, its like ribbon particles keep spawning even after their source particles have ended their lives.
I think I’ve fixed it now by changing my Emitter State settings, I changed Life Cycle Mode to Self and loop Behavior to Once


Hi! Did you find any solution? The one from PieBaron didn’t work for me and I’m still stuck on the exact same issue.

just found a solution just changing the UV0Tilling Distance in RibbonRenderer to 500 or higher

the original page…tutorial/13043

Hey guys, sorry to (sort of) necrobump this, but improving on this previous answer:

For some reason, this flickering happens after the ribbon lifetime as the lead particle (or system?) dies out, and by allowing the system to Complete we’ll probably see this bug.

What did work (as in workaround, not fix) consistently for me was also setting the inactive state to Kill:

These trails were flickering like crazy before the fix: