Niagara Ribbon texture mapping question


I’m trying to create a simple trail and noticed that niagara seems to handle ribbon mapping quite different than cascade if you use a tile distance in the ribbon renderer. Does somebody know how to achieve the cascade mapping style in niagara?


Any ideas to solve this issue? :frowning:

They covered this in the Unrealfest session today “Evolution of Real-time VFX” - watch the QA part at the end

Thanks for the reply! So it* is *actually possible but unfortunately they don’t explain how in the video. But good to know that there will be some updates in 4.26 :slight_smile:

Yep ! I had the exact same issue today. Glad I found your post. If you guys find any solution, I’m in.

Good to know that I’m not the only one struggling with this issue :smiley:

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a solution so far, which is really frustrating. This really drives me insane :-/