Niagara ribbon renderer strange appearance

Trying out the awesome new Niagara in 4.20.
After stacking a ribbon render to a normal sprite renderer, the ribbon appears, but in a weird way:

It seems that the ribbon is connecting every particle sequentially instead of tracing previous positions.

Next I tried to bind the ribbon id to the particlesID (after enabling the Persistent IDs), the ribbon just disappears completely:

Am I missing something? What’s the correct way to use Niagara ribbon?

version: ue4.20.0 preview3

Try to check Requires Persistent IDs under Emitter Properties

@eric631223 As what I said in the post, I checked persistent id. I also tried to rebind ribbonID to particleID. Both don’t work.

Try it like this

@eric631223 I followed your example. It worked somehow, but still cannot get a good look:

First, not every particle has a ribbon,
2nd, the ribbon has some weird cracks.

This is my setup:

1.make sure the rate rather than particles
2.make sure the Lifetime of ribbon NOT random

That works :cool:
Thanks, eric