Niagara question

I am beginner in Niagara. Сan you explain to me what I need to do to move the “Add Velocity” to the “Particle Update” as in this video (time stamp 5:37) :
(512) UE4 - Niagara Ambient FX - Dust / Fireflies - YouTube
This worked in UE4 but in UE5 it doesn’t.

Did you ever end up figuring this out? I watched that video as well and saw that 2 people in the comments thread asked this same question, and his responses were:

“Yeah they changed it, you have to have an until velocity and then in update you can add velocity”


“In ue5 you need to have an initial velocity in particle spawn for add velocity to work”

In both cases the OPs asked for clarification and didn’t receive an answer. I’m going to assume by “until velocity” he meant “initial velocity”, like in his second answer. I’ve been looking high and low for such a parameter but haven’t been able to find it.

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@renderaudiation I just ended up using a noise force (which is detailed just afterwards on that clip) and seemed to do much the same. In the end it wasn’t clear if the ‘add velocity’ method was meaningfully different…