[Niagara Question] How to initially spawn with emitter rotation then be independent (worldspace)?


I’ve been banging my head against the wall with this one for a long time. I have tried so many things but have gotten nowhere. Notably, using the “Initial Mesh Orientation” Particle Spawn module did not function at all as expected. My goal is to get the mesh to spawn with the ships rotation and position and then do it’s own thing, unaffected by the movement of the ship.

Any suggestions?Screenshot 2021-05-13 153747 Screenshot 2021-05-13 153821

Keep this unchecked: Emitter properties → Local space

Particles can spawn from the current spaceship transform. If the spaceship moves, the particle is completly independent from the transfrom of the spaceship. Is that what you want?

Did you ever figure it out? I also struggle to have mesh particles follow the emitter’s orientation at spawn, but not move around with the emitter.


You can do this by adding an “Initial Mesh Orientation” module to the “Particle Spawn”, then link the “Orientation Vector” value to the System Axis you need the mesh to face, “SystemXAxis” corresponds to the forward vector of the system.