Niagara Particles from anim notify not showing in packaged game

Hello, first post here, and I really tried searching for this, but it seems no one has the same issue.
I have custom anim notify, which spawns a niagara system. The niagara system is using a mesh renderer. The problem is that the particles don’t show in the packaged game. The anim notify is firing - I’ve tested that with some debug printing, but the particle system is missing. I’ve tried setting the bounds scale of the system to all types of values, but it has no effect.

Are there any warning or errors in the log file of the packaged game?

Nothing that seems related to me. The problem I found is that if I use Spawn System Attached the FX are missing, but if I use Spawn System Attached, just for proper positioning, and then I detach the system it appears. Somehow looks like the system is ‘owned’ by the notify blueprint or something, and doesn’t appear.