Niagara particles following a spline + texture sample?


I’m trying to make Niagara particles to follow a spline. In a simple way I’m using a Sample Spline Position WS to get the position of the spline over time and then set the Particles.Position to that position. It works, but what I’m getting is all the particles following the spline one by one in a perfect line (it makes sense because I’m setting the particle position to the same position of the spline).

So, I thought it was a good idea to use a noise texture to add it to the spline position, so in that way each particle will follow the spline with a noisy offset.
But that part is not working. It’s like if the UV input of the Sample Texture 2D node can’t be animated, so it is getting always the same pixel and all I get is all particles following the spline one by one but with an offset.

How can I make this work? Probably I’m doing something wrong or I’m missing something, I’m new using Niagara.

Thank you!

Here some images to illustrate it:

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Hey, I think Noise isn’t substantive enough to perform the offset. Are you trying to get more than one particle in the same spline position that follow the spline? like a semi-organized trail of dust that follows a specific path? I’m new to Niagara too. But I’ve done lots of reading on particle effects and think that it would probably work functionally accurate to use a World Position Offset that has to be connected correctly to the spline / particles. Giving the WPO a range (for how far from the spline particles can be along the spline), and connecting a randomizer module to it might work. But you have to align particle world position offset with the time it takes them to travel along the spline (point A back to point A). Then I think that Noise module is going to work if it’s connected to the particle speed or particle spline follow. Can you share your Niagara emitter file for it? I’m interested in helping. If not, I understand.

Hi, thanks for the answer! It takes me to other ideas. I managed to achieve the effect I want, but without control. I’m using a sphere location for the initial location, so the particles are spawning around the spline. Then, in a script, I’m telling to the particles that the velocity must be the tangent of the spline at the point it must be depending on the age of the particles.

But all I can do is to control the velocity using the particles age and nothing more. If I add some curl noise or vortex, they begin to sparse too much.

Here is the uasset files, import it to a project if you want to play with it:


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hello! could you share the uasset files again? it’s seem that the file is unaccessable now