Niagara - Particles follow Emitter

Just wondering what would be the best way to make the particles follow the emitter’s location?

At the moment, when a particle spawns it is entirely independent of the emitter that spawned it. Which means, if the emitter moves, the particle is left behind to do its own thing. Normally this is ok, except I have a situation where I need the particles to follow the emitter (remain in the emitter’s local space) so if the emitter moves 100 units to the left, then all the particles need to move 100 units to the left as well, for example.

Is there an already existing way to handle this or do I need to create a new module to do it somehow? I’m just not entirely sure what I need to put in the module to achieve this.

I’m still learning Niagara and haven’t tested yet, but did you try this setting?

Tested it but it doesn’t work fine, at least in my case.

In my case my particle system is attached to a mesh and particles are using it’s shape. (Sample Skeletal Mesh Surface)

Disabling local space (by default) they spawn just where the mesh is, but (obviously) particles don’t follow it while moving.

With local space activated particles follow the mesh (which is good) but an offset is being added, and the particle system is meters away from the actor/mesh. I don’t know why or how to solve it.

Did you find some solution for this?
I have the same problem, It doesn’t work like in cascade. Thank you.


Local Space works fine with other kind of emitters. But with Sample Skeletal Mesh Surface it works terrible adding an offset.

Maybe it is a bug. How can we report it?

Bug report form: Unreal Engine Community
Epic is not taking bug reports by other means.
Also, I’d suggest adding a bug in AnswerHub (by copying and pasting everything you insert in the bug report form). There, other users with the same problem might be able to help (and sometimes even Epic’s staff).

Thank you.
I did:…7947/view.html
Also I reported the bug, but I haven’t receive any answer from the Epic’s team.

Also I’ve tested it in 4.22 & 4.22.1 and happens the same.

EDIT: Oh shoot, sorry I posted a sentence fragment. First post on here lol.

I just wanted to say I was looking at the blueprint function in 23.x, and it seems like it does some local space stuff, but only if Sampled Surface Coordinate Space is set to local. I’m doing static mesh sampling so I’m useless here, but if you’re having this issue, maybe that will help. :slight_smile:

I came across this bug in 2021 (version 4.26)
This was the only fix that worked:
From answerhub

For me personally, I had a Niagara module that was taking a static mesh off of the particles object. It then called Get Tri Position WS to map to a random point on the mesh, and then set particle position from there. The local space flag collided with this setting, so that any offset in the world was applied again as offset to my emitter. My fix was to go into my Niagara module and switch Get Tri Position WS to simply Get Tri Position, and that got me back on track. Hope this helps!