Niagara Particles Dissapear When NOT in Camera View

When using the camera in sequencer along with niagara particles - I notice that if the emitter isn’t in the view of the camera then the particles disappear. This is the same for when the emitter comes into view of the camera, suddenly the particles start working again.

How might I have emitter continuously spawn without needing to be within the camera view?

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Can you post the settings of the Render part of the emitter (at the bottom of the stack), and the Emitter Settings (at the top)? There’s settings for camera aligning and facing behavior in those. Is it a part of a system, or is the emitter by itself in the graph?

From my limited understanding, if this is using the Gpucompute Sim for the sim target in the Emitter properties it is being culled once it leaves your field of view. I think that’s a good place to start. I’m sorry, I don’t have the full solution.

RumBazo is correct, if the System is a GPUSim, then a system gets culled as soon as its bounding box leaves the view frustum. To change this, simply increase the size of your System WorldBoundingBox Size (located in the emitter properties module).

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@32Bit_Badman Can you please provide a screenshot where this value is. I’m very new to Unreal so it would help me a lot. I do have one particle (Let's build this Unreal Niagara particle sim within 6 minutes - YouTube) this one. And it keeps popping on and off as the root of niagara particles leaves camera frustrum but the rest is still visible but they disapear all together.

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Hey guys. I have the same issue, particles stop emitting from spawn root when the camera does not see this root + when I render big resolutions with “High resolutions” option in render queue, same issue appeared. I think this is bounding box bug or so.
Any suggestion how to deal with it?

I’ve tried this, didn’t help :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Same issue… tried with bounding box… no joy… very frustrating!!!

For me increasing fixed bound from 100 to 1000 each worked!!! THank you so much! <3


Thank you! This fixed my issue with the Niagara systems disappearing when part of it dipped out of frame.


That worked for me! Thanks! Love you guys and this community